Create A Disc

1. Pick an existing owned disc or buy a new disc to use.

2. Grab a Sharpie marker (or markers if you’re feeling crafty!)

3. Write messages of hope and inspiration on the top of the disc, such as:

  • You are not alone!
  • Your life matters!
  • You are loved!’
  • Draw a Purple and teal ribbon to support suicide prevention.

4. Shout out @DiscForLife on the back of the disc and add particular messages such as:

  • Text “Talk” to speak to someone.
  • Call 9-8-8 for the suicide & crisis support lifeline.
  • Play me for a hole; leave me at the next basket. After 18, take me to a new course.
  • Share a pic of you with the disc and where you found it on Facebook/Instagram.